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Vol. 51, No.20, Nov 18 - 24, 2018
Note: Five States, Many Parties -Bibekananda Ray
News Wrap - A G D
Back To Basics: Can the Working Class Change the World? - Farooque Chowdhury
"Ray Offset": Bibekananda Ray on Satyajit Ray - Asim Som
Drama: The Rights of Man - Bhaskar Dasgupta
A Forgotten Hero: Remembering Ashfaqullah Khan - Nikhat Fatima
The Threat To Mankind: Why People Commit Suicide - Bishaldeep Kakati
Noam Chomsky: The Soul of a Soulless World - Anjan Basu


গ্রন্থ-প্রকাশ অনুষ্ঠান
প্রিয়দর্শী চক্রবর্তী’র ‘জীবনের সমুদ্র সফেন’ এবং শুভাশিস মুখোপাধ্যায় সম্পাদিত ‘সুনীতিকুমার ঘোষঃ স্মরণে মননে’ শীর্ষক বই দু’টি প্রকাশিত হবে আগামী ১৭ই নভেম্বর, ২০১৮ শনিবার, বিকেল ৪=৩০টেয় কলেজ স্ট্রিটে বই-চিত্র সভাগৃহে। সবাই আসুন।

October Revolution Day

Workshop on Political Documentary & New Media by People's Film Collective
in presence of Sanjay Kak, Tarun Bhartiya, Ranu Ghosh & Suresh Rajamani
November 10-11, 2018, Kolkata
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Now available at Foreign Publishers Agency book shop, Grand Hotel Arcade, Kolkata


Now available at Foreign Publishers Agency book shop, Grand Hotel Arcade, Kolkata


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18 Nov 2018

Nationalism is a Betrayal of Patriotism

Raman Swamy

When Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu was in Paris to attend the First World War’s Armistice Day ceremony on November 11, he heard President Emmanuel Macron of France say: “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism”.
Naidu was seated in the second row during the historic function just behind Angela Merkel of Germany, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Donald Trump of USA and a galazy of world leaders. 
The French president’s categorical assertion that Nationalism and Patriotism are two different and antithetical concepts struck many of the assembled Heads of States in different ways. 
Leaders of the liberal democracies, the so-called Free world, took it as a profound observation very much in tune with Globalization and free trade. But heads of more authoritarian governments were not impressed – they felt Macron was taking advantage of his role as host to the World War One event by injecting political controversy into what was supposed to be a solemn ceremony to honour the sacrifice of those who had lost their lives during the Great War.
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18 Nov 2018

How the Government caused the ILFS Fiasco

Bharat Jhunjhunwala

The Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Company (ILFS) was established by three Government entities Central Bank of India (CBI), Unit Trust of India (UTI) and Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC). In due course of time, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and the State bank of India (SBI), again both Government entities, bought equity in ILFS. At present the major Indian shareholders of ILFS are these government entities. The ownership of ILFS, therefore, was and wholly remains with the Government.
ILFS was financing large numbers of infrastructure projects such as the longest road tunnel in India—the 9 kilometer Chenani-Nashri tunnel linking Jammu with Kashmir. Its contribution to the development of infrastructure in the country cannot be discounted. ILFS raised funds for these projects ingeniously. Anyone who has taken a loan from a bank knows about the debt-equity ratio. This tells the amount of money that is lent to a company (debt) as a proportion of its own funds (equity).
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17 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018
Fifty years of a state-led murder - Asok Chattopadhyay
14 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018
05 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018
Rural Dacoits - Gautam Kumar Das
03 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018
31 Oct 2018
31 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018
27 Oct 2018
The Psychology of Fascism - Robert J. Burrowes
27 Oct 2018
25 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018
India should circumvent US Dominance - Bharat Jhunjhunwala
21 Oct 2018
19 Oct 2018
16 Oct 2018
01 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018

Samvidhan Samman Yatra
We are standing at crossroads and passing through a critical juncture in India’s history and have a historical responsibility to save and salvage the ethos of this country, to fulfill the dreams of social, economic and political justice that Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar envisioned. There is an overwhelming urgency to come together, beyond diversity of perspectives, to safeguard the constitutional values and principles of humanity, based on social justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, scientific and rational thinking in the social psyche to deal with all these political, economic, social, cultural challenges. The need of the hour is to create understanding and tolerance in society, by peaceful, democratic and constitutional means.
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23 Sep 2018
G.D. Agarwal's Third and Final Letter to PM Modi

In his bid to get government machinery to act on saving the Ganga, environmentalist G.D. Agarwal, a former IIT Kanpur professor on a ‘fast unto death’ gave up drinking even water on October 9 to put pressure on the central government. Finally, on Thursday, 11th October, after fasting for over a hundred days, Agarwal succumbed to a heart attack; his demise soon after he was forcibly shifted to AIIMS Uttarakhand by the state government.

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RSS/BJP And The Shudra Neo-Slaves - Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd
What would’ve Patel said? - Nayakara Veeresha
Destroyed by Truth - Faisal Devji

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