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Vol. 51, No. 38, Mar 24 - 30, 2019
Comment: Marie Colvin
Note: Celebrities in Indian Politics - Harasankar Adhikari
News Wrap - A G D
Kashmir: 'Eye for Eye' Is No Balm - Bibekananda Ray
Review: "The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg" - Raya Dunayevskaya
Islamophobia and Fundamentalism: Islam and Women - Nandini Archer
Climate Emergency: An Open Letter to Prime Minister - Shankar Sharma


Anand Patwardhan's film REASON
will be screened on 24th MARCH | Sunday | 3.30 PM - 8.30 PM | Jogesh Mime Academy (Kalighat Park) followed by an interaction with the director. All are welcome.
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23 Mar 2019

Modi in war phobia: Politics of Chowkidari

Radhakanta Barik

Two months back I was in my village where the migrant labourers have returned for harvesting works. In the morning they stand in the main lane of the village and make adda. They had no work and standing and gossiping or playing cards. This explains the nature of male workers today. Their number has declined progressively. It is reported in the Indian Express that 2011-12 data shows that from 30.4 cr in 2011-12 male labour has declined to 28.6 cr in 2017-18. This is the credit of Modi government who went for demonetization which resulted in decline of employment of labour in the informal sector of economy. Many labourers have migrated back from National capital region of Delhi to their villages as they got unemployed. On the backdrop of employment of labour has declined during Modi’s five year term. Specifically, Northern India is labour surplus region where migration of labour is the only answer. They have been pushed away by the Gujarat and come back to UP. In such a region the election battles are clearly defined.
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22 Mar 2019
21 Mar 2019
Kashmir: The 70-Year Itch - Bibekananda Ray
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Ethics in Politics - Bishaldeep Kakati
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And Now Algeria - Daniel Warner
The Chinese Rebuff! - Mohammad Ashraf

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